St George Antiochian Orthodox Church
Lowell, Massachusetts

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest!

Teen SOYO Advisor - Denise Oujaimi
Our Mission

Living the Orthodox Faith In Christ Through Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship

We believe that the Goal of Orthodox Christian Youth Ministry is the integration of each young person fully into the total life of the Church. We believe that Orthodox Christians must commit themselves to living the Orthodox Faith daily. Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship are the natural expressions of that commitment. We define them as follows:

WORSHIP- For Orthodox Christians, corporate worship is the sacramental expression of and participation in Holy Tradition, and is the indispensable foundation of youth ministry at all levels. Upon this foundation, we must cultivate a daily personal prayer life and reading of Holy Scripture.

WITNESS- Christ calls us to be His witness in the world. We must enable our youth to express their faith for themselves and to others in order to be true witnesses to Christ and the Orthodox Faith.

SERVICE- Christ came not to be served, but to serve. We need to move our youth to do the same. We honor and glorify God by loving and serving mankind in the name of Jesus Christ, using our God-given gifts and talents.

FELLOWSHIP- The Holy Trinity is the perfect model of fellowship; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share perfect communion and exist in perfect love as a community. By gathering together in fellowship, and by showing love for one another in Christ, we emulate the life of the Holy Trinity in our daily life.

Our ultimate goal must be to see that our youth grow to love Christ and His Church and to pursue a righteous way of life.

Our movement integrates the Camping Program, Teen SOYO, Campus Ministry and the Fellowship of St. John the Divine - programs designed to meet the needs of varying age groups. We will attain these goals by training youth ministers, both clergy and lay, to serve at all levels, and by developing and providing relevant resource materials.

Teen SOYO Spaghetti Dinner

Teen Soyo preparing for their biggest fundraiser of the year - a Spaghetti Dinner.  A great time was had by all.  Don't they look like professional waiters in their aprons!

Teen SOYO Community Service

Teen Soyo community service:  Visiting patients at New England Pediatrics in Billerica, MA.  Teens sang Christmas carols and decorated cookies with patients.  With their permission, the teens took a picture with patient, Raneisha Thurmond, her mom, Angela, dad, Rodney and brother, RJ. Everyone was in good spirits sharing love and fellowship in preparation for the Christmas season!  In addition to their time and love, Teen Soyo brought many donations from St. George to the patients that included much needed toiletries, socks, music, and DVD's as well.

On October 6th, St. George Teen Soyo went apple picking and returned to Church with over 280 apples to make pies!!!  It was a beautiful day for picking (and eating) and baking!  The teens made 30 pies and sold every one of them in two weeks.  The pies were the first fundraising event for the school year.  Do those pies look yummy!!
Teen Soyo News
To start off our new school year, St.George Antiochian Orthodox Church Teen Soyo visited His Grace, Bishop John at his home in Foxboro on September 22nd!  They enjoyed a day filled with religious education, prayer, food, and fun.  As you can see by their smiling faces, this was a great introduction to our new Bishop for the Diocese.  It was truly an honor.
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